Cats of the World: St. George’s, Bermuda

Cats tend to help me tell the story of a place in their always-masterful inhabitance of it. Plus, I just like snapping cat pics.

And so, I give you, the cats of Bermuda — the rascally little nuggets who roam the cobblestone roads as if they own them, boldly mewling for attention from tourists or skirting into bushes at the faintest sound.

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Cats of the World: Turks and Caicos

“You always told me I wasn’t allowed to pet the strays!” my teen sister said, indignant. “What about all their ‘diseases?'”

“Sydney’s lived a good life,” my mom replied.

And I have. That good life is made noticeably better by the presence of cats.

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Up North for the weekend

“Travel” has come to mean a very different thing to me since I moved home after my college graduation and started my first corporate job.

I still daydream about sandy beaches, glittering city skylines, a backpack full of dirty laundry, and that rounded rectangular view out an airplane window. But for now, I settle for weekend getaways to old haunts that are within a reasonable driving distance.

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