Top Blog Posts of 2017

As a woman, an American, and just a general human living on this Earth, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to 2017. You probably are too. But, before you do, here’s a look back on my top five pieces that really resonated with people last year.

1.Β Getting to Know Me
This is an exploration of the experience of recovering from depression, and what it feels like to be “introduced” to a version of yourself you haven’t met yet. In this case, it’s my non-depressed self — theΒ real me, I’m hoping.

2. What’s Antipodal Pull
It makes sense that this post gained a lot of traction last year because that’s when I gave my blog a ridiculously uninformative name (Antipodal Pull). If you’re wondering what it means, click away!

3. It’s My Blogiversary!
In which I celebrate one year of blogging and reflect on the changes a person can experience over the course of 365 days.

4. Decorating My Work Desk: An Unexpected Package for the Blues
After seven months at a job I insisted was “temporary,” I still hadn’t put up a single decoration. My friend decided to fix this. I decided to write about it.

5. Snapshots of Lovelessness
On never being in love, kissing the wrong guys, and why I hated my friend’s boyfriend. A few brief, but intimate, stories from my (arguably nonexistent) love life.


Here’s to 2018! Let me know which kinds of posts you’d like to see more of in the upcoming year! And, if you have a list, link me to your top posts from 2017 in the comments. πŸ™‚

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Midwest writer hailing from the Mitten State. Not nearly as clever as I pretend to be.

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