August in Review

I’ll level with you: I have no effing idea what I did with August.

If you’re following along on Instagram, you know that I spent a good deal of time enjoying the perks that my home state of Michigan has on tap during the summer months. I searched for Petoskey stones, spat a mountain of cherry pits, and hiked up the 450-foot monster dune at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I also watched a lot of Game of Thrones.

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“I love being a Midwest farmgirl!” said the suburban chick who snuck into someone’s cornfield to snap a pic.

Seriously. I know people say “I don’t know where time goes!” but I’m frightened by how much I actually mean that. I’m pretty sure August just went into my computer screen at my desk job, actually.

Top Blog Posts

I apparently only wrote two posts in August, which is SHOCKING because I swear I was doing so well? Guess again, me! Anyway, here were August’s “top” two posts:

  1. How I Found Gratitude at the Dog Park
  2. Summer Reads (That Aren’t Romance)

Let’s Get Social

Believe it or not, I’m finally starting to get the hang of Pinterest! I wouldn’t say I’m good at it. Or really even that I’m adequate at it… but I am starting to wrap my head around it, and progress is progress.

I haven’t done my research on good (read: free) editing programs for putting cute pins together, but I’m still taking a stab at it. Look, even my trip to the dog park is now pinable:


I joined my first Pinterest group board to find other blogs to read, which has been an exciting and overwhelming experience. I pinned a couple compelling blogs to my boards. Mostly I just found a lot of pictures of girls with long hair and SEO-saturated keyword gibberish, but as they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. (Someone actually did say this to me recently, but I can’t remember who or why… the good news is, it wasn’t someone who was kissing me, because I didn’t kiss anyone in August! [Should I be bragging about that?])

Blog Updates

I received an email toward the beginning of August that made me rethink my whole setup over here at Antipodal Pull. It was a response to Snapshots of Lovelessness, a post where I shared a few memories of times in my young, boyfriendless life where I have felt especially boyfriendless.

The email read:
How did you get into creative writing for your blog and what inspires you to write your entries? Is it real life experiences or something that has happened to a friend?

It was striking to me because, before I wrote that post, I hadn’t considered that people might not realize I was sharing my real life experiences on this blog. I figured people would know that to find my fiction writing, they’d click the “writing” tab on the top bar and drop down to “fiction”.

But in scrolling through the comments on that post, I realized this was not the case. People wanted to know: fact or fiction? And they were right to ask, because it pointed out a serious need for me to reconsider what Antipodal Pull was really “about” as a blog, and how to make it easier for readers to navigate.

I won’t bore you with the history of my egotism, but I started this blog with the notion that it would house a sampling of my fiction writing as I became wildly published by literary journals across the country. There were hints of this everywhere on my blog. On the “about” page, in the bio on the righthand side of the screen, in my gravatar “about me” section, there was a common phrase I used to describe myself: fiction writer.

I do still see those two words as a defining aspect of who I fundamentally am as a human being. Still, I decided to remove them from dusty corners all over my blog, to more clearly label the titles of my fiction posts instead of simply tagging “fiction”, and to dedicate more time to discovering how best to present my posts.

It’s just the beginning of a work-in-progress to find my footing with this blog, but I found the feedback incredibly helpful, so please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email any time!

And, basically, what I learned in August is that I write my nonfiction life the same way I write my fiction. (In other words, I’m a huge drama queen.)


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5 thoughts on “August in Review

  1. Seems like you lived summer at it’s best:) Isn’t great how other readers give insight to better your blog? I have rethought things at times and done alterations from comments I’ve received and has helped me grow my blog. I like your ‘work-in-progress” positive attitude.

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