Plans in the Works

I’ve been a little MIA the past week (sorry!) because I’ve been busybusybusy trying to get my life sorted out. Thanks for your patience.

On the travel front, I’ve been packing (badly) for an upcoming trip to Bermuda! If I’m being perfectly honest, as much as I love doing the laid-back island vacation thing, I’m actually a bit stressed about this one. And believe me, I know it’s wrong to complain about spending a week lounging on pink-sand beaches. I get it. I do.

But there’s this little thing called the Bermuda Triangle that I am not too keen on experiencing!!! Now would be a very inconvenient time for my plane to go missing, because I’ve got a lot of half-baked plans in the works, and these days I’m actually pretty stoked about not dying.

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Nothing but the essentials

In addition to tearing the entire house apart to find all the stuff I want to take with me on my trip (is this a normal part of packing for other people?), I’ve been writingwritingwriting. As you (maybe) know, I do a fair bit of fiction writing.

I’ve been kicking it into overdrive as of late, hoping to scrape a manuscript together. For the sake of trying to get my stories published, it makes good sense to write more stories (duh), but I’ve also got an ulterior motive:

I’m applying to grad school!

Admittedly, I’m pretty scared of jinxing the whole thing, so I don’t want to share too much just yet. Still, I promise I’ll keep you updated on the process! I’m just beyond ecstatic at the prospect of being dedicated to my studies again. I’ve been missing the intellectual challenge (I know how pretentious that sounds, but I mean it) and I miss spending time with like-minded people.

So, I’m assembling a fiction manuscript for my grad school application, and I’m scrambling around for letters of recommendation, and I’m terribly stressed and terribly, terribly happy. It’s just a liiiiittle overwhelming right now, because I’ve got this Bermuda trip coming up (poor me!) and I work full time, so I’ve been doing extra work to get ahead before I go on my trip.

Basically, I’ve got 30 hours to get my suitcase packed and get my work done and pull all my hair out and not sleep. But then I’ll be sittin’ pretty on a pink beach sippin’ Rum Swizzles.

Or, more likely, I’ll be sleeping on a beach towel getting a sunburn.

TC beachin

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7 thoughts on “Plans in the Works

  1. Do we actually know for sure that people die in the Bermuda Triangle, don’t they just go missing? Maybe it leads to another world 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😅
    Good luck with your plans and have fun in Bermuda 🙂


  2. I loved reading your posts and sometimes we need to take risks to find out more about stuff( like the Bermuda Triangle) it may or may not be true, just sit back and enjoy your trip and I look forward to reading more about the trip


  3. Sydney, I absolutely love your style of writing. I think you may be as clever as you pretend to be, or at least I certainly think so from perusing your stories! Also, I fully (and sadly) relate to the imminent sunburn issue when visiting tropical places. But does my annual vacation-sourced sun burn teach me to apply SPF 100 the next time? You’re damn right it doesn’t. I’m usually peeling in the weeks after…


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