June in Review

June was the month I relaunched my blog under the new name, Antipodal Pull. I bought a new url and began blogging with a renewed fervor, but I’m still sticking to the same old Sydney topics — self discovery, awkward human interactions, mental health, short fiction, and (of course) cat pictures.

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June’s Top Blog Posts

  1. What’s Antipodal Pull?
  2. “Surveillance” (flash fiction)
  3. It’s My Blogiversary!

I’m really proud of myself for managing to write a post every week for the past month (I’m counting this one), even if I still haven’t worked out a predictable publishing schedule. Is there a day of the week any of you would recommend I aim to post?

Anyway, thanks for reading what I wrote in June! I was surprised to find you guys were also reading a personal essay I wrote about my depression,Β Getting to Know Me. I wrote that one in May! It was only a month earlier, but it still makes my heart all gooey to see you guys digging around for posts I didn’t even publish in the present month.

tree june

June’s Top Social Posts

I’m finally on social media! That means you can tweet at me, stalk my life in photos, and… pin… me? I’ll level with you right now: I have no idea how to use Pinterest.

Anyone who can teach me how to use Pinterest properly would honestly be a lifesaver, so if that’s your thang, HIT ME UP!!! (Seriously, I don’t bite strangers, and I’m abhorrently bad at pinning.)

June’s Top Instagram Pic:

Without further fanfare, here was your most-liked Insta photo in June:


Unsurprisingly, you guys love this baby pic of my cat, Luna. (I love her too.) ((Okay, I’m completely obsessed with her.))

Pro tip: I’m really good at following bloggers back on Twitter and Insta!

June’s Top… idk… Personal Achievements?

Over the past month I think I really clawed my way out of Depressionland. Sure, the Depressionland PD has a warrant out for my arrest and could drag me back at any time, but I think I’ve put a good number of miles between myself and the dark place – at least for now.

I’m starting to look ahead instead of getting bogged down by the present. I’ve even been looking into going to graduate school?! (More on that another time.) I’m excited about trying new things and meeting new people, which is honestly all I could want out of life.

lake bike june

I’m looking forward to July and fervently hoping it’s full of warm sunny days and cool dips in lakes. And writing. And finishing my grad school application. And not too much over-planning. And, hopefully, bringing you guys along for the ride.

With love,

Past Months in Review: May

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