What’s Antipodal Pull?

Alternative title: the artist formerly known as Sydney Hartle


Blog update

Hi guys! Notice anything different about the blog?

I’ve been in the process of doing a major overhaul and the new name is just the tip of the iceberg! With the new name comes the new URL, updating all the links, and—wait for it—the new social media!

Follow along here:

I’m super excited about the new social accounts because they’re an opportunity to reach a wider audience, without the awkwardness of having to self-promote on my personal social media accounts. (Funny how sharing with your own friends comes off like bragging, but sharing with strangers is just marketing.)

That said, I feel weird talking about “marketing,” because it suggests I’m trying to sell you something. I’m really just trying to create a bit of distance between my personal self and my blog, because I think it will allow me to be more authentic and true to my honest experiences. But I happen to think my experiences are worth reading, so why not share them with the world?!

The other problem with calling my new social accounts “marketing” is that I work in marketing, so I’m acutely aware that renaming my blog “Antipodal Pull” is a terrible marketing strategy. The name doesn’t clarify what I have to offer and, what’s worse, when you hear it aloud you have no idea what the hell the words even are. But I like the words together, and I already bought the freakin’ URL.

So, with that, welcome to Antipodal Pull!

So what’s antipodal pull?

an·tip·o·dal (/anˈtipədl/)
adj. – relating to or situated on the opposite side of the earth

v. – exert force on (someone or something), typically by taking hold of them, in order to move or try to move them toward the origin of the force

Antipodes refer to geographic locations that are on opposite ends of the earth (this website will calculate locations that are exact antipodes, if you’re bored). Antipodes also refer to ideas that are in opposition to one another.

Basically, I chose to name my blog Antipodal Pull to reflect this kind of geographic yearning I have to be in places across the globe from each other. Almost two years ago, I set off for Australia for an exchange program, and I’ve been dreaming of moving back ever since I came home to Michigan in the USA.


I still love Michigan. It’s still my home. It’s where I’ve build my whole life and made all my friends. But I still feel that anxious tug, that incessant pull that’s calling me back overseas. (Does that sound tacky? It feels true.)


I’ve been in this strange rut for a long time now. There are so many things I want to do in life that I’ve been afraid to take concrete steps toward achieving any of my dreams, because a step in that direction would pull me further from another dream. I’m realizing, however, that there are only so many things in life anyone has time to do, so I’d better just make a move in one direction and see what happens!

But back to the blog name. There’s something I just really love sonically about the two words together. Antipodal Pull. The repetition of the P’s and L’s in both words creates a kind of echo of each other that I think harkens back to the idea of pulling back and forth. So the blog title is a kind of micro-analogy for the themes I often find myself writing about. Plus I think it’s just kind of kick-ass (maybe a little cheeky).

Can you tell I was an English major?

The future

The blog is new, but I’m the same Sydney. I still write about my experiences as a Michigander and live-at-home college grad. I’m still a fiction writer, so I still post quirky little writing exercises when the spirit moves me.

What will be different is that I’m working out a fixed posting schedule so you’ll all have a better idea of when to expect new content from me. I’ve been a bit sporadic in the past and I’m ready to get more “serious” about blogging (although I still have a hard time taking anything in life seriously). Stay tuned as I figure out some new tricks!

Ciao for now!

Do you have any tips for “rebranding” your blog?
If you keep a posting schedule, when do you post?

GOT SOCIAL MEDIA?? Tell me your handles so I can follow you!

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Midwest writer hailing from the Mitten State. Not nearly as clever as I pretend to be.

14 thoughts on “What’s Antipodal Pull?

  1. THIS… This is brilliant.
    I realised you had changed your name from your Instagram account, and I love it and it’s explanation. Also, I see you’ve found a far more sophisticated website for finding the opposite side than I used the other day 😀 Good on ya for reinventing yourself in this space and for taking those few steps. I’ve been meaning to do the same for a while, but it seems to keep dropping to bottom of the list sadly.
    I’ll look forward to your regular posts!


  2. I like the new blog name. As long as it looks good written out it doesn’t matter how it sounds. It took be 3 years to realize when people say my blog name out loud that the S in Captain’s and S in Speech actually run together and sound like a tea kettle if you saw it slowly. Anyways, you’re going to love the freedom that social media accounts specifically for your blog give you. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The new name is soo interesting! I did read on here about how you can join Facebook groups to help gain more views!! Honestly, more than the number of followers, it’s the content that matters. I’ve never actually thought of making social media accounts just for the blog. Hmm, maybe I’ll just give it a shot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re right about content being the most important thing. If the content isn’t any good, no one comes back. That said, if no one really sees the content in the first place, how will you know what people think of it?


  4. This was great to read and the blog name is awesome. I’m feeling a ‘pull’ also but not really doing much about it. Hopefully you and other bloggers help me to start moving.


  5. Sydney, I love the explanation and significance behind your blog’s new(er) name. I’ve been reading your work for awhile now, but hadn’t stumbled across this background story. When I first saw your blog title, without knowing the context of it, I was immediately drawn to it (can you tell that I took English in University as well?!) It is extremely fitting, particularly the part where you state:
    “The repetition of the P’s and L’s in both words creates a kind of echo of each other that I think harkens back to the idea of pulling back and forth. So the blog title is a kind of micro-analogy for the themes I often find myself writing about.”
    I know this feeling all too well and it drives much of my writing. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your work, particularly your fictional writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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