I have (almost) nothing to show for this month and I couldn’t be more proud!

If you’ve had the misfortune of following along for the past month, you know that I’ve been struggling with depression. I even wrote two posts about it!

  1. Getting to Know Me
  2. Decorating My Work Desk: An Unexpected Package for the Blues

And that’s it.

That’s all I wrote in May. Two posts to encapsulate 31 days of mayhem, misery, and experience.

It’s also two more posts than I wrote in March and April combined. Over the course of 31 days I’ve felt myself transforming, unfurling, thawing. I’m not who I was a month ago.

People say that all the time – “I’m a different person.” But I have concrete proof! Mid-month, I did something incredible: I made plans to do three separate things on three separate days. And I did all three of them.

I know what you’re thinking – “Dang, Sydney, that’s amazing! Are you sure you’re not lying?” And I assure you: I’m telling the truth.

In one week, I made plans to play volleyball on Wednesday, go to a concert on Thursday, and do a 5k on Saturday. Not only did I follow through on these plans, I was still feeling social and energetic enough after the 5k to wander around the town with my friend! At the beginning of May, even making one plan ahead of time would’ve been completely out of the question, and the likelihood of me flaking out due to exhaustion (physical, mental, social, or all three) was nearly 100 percent. That’s progress.

Now the month is over and I actually have a sizable collection of accomplishments to review. Although they seem minor at the outset, I can’t even begin to explain my gratitude for my newfound ability to just do things.

Even in scrolling through my Instagram page, I notice a shift in my ability to engage with the world and with my friends. Pictures aren’t everything, but for me, this month, they tell the story of my rebirth, the regeneration of my emotional stamina.

Chance the Rapper dropping a massive blessing on me at his concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI

While I’m talking about pictures, I’d like to invite you to take this incredible, many-times-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow me on Instagram and (why not) Twitter!

Thanks for putting up with my while I’ve been sorting my life and my brain out. There will be plenty more exciting breakdowns to come!

Tell me what you’ve accomplished over the course of May below!! ↓

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Midwest writer hailing from the Mitten State. Not nearly as clever as I pretend to be.

11 thoughts on “I have (almost) nothing to show for this month and I couldn’t be more proud!

  1. I seem to have been experiencing a lot of the same recently, and I’m pleased you’re coming out of this end of your slump in a positive place, I think I am too! My biggest accomplishment in May I think has been coming to terms with being in the same room as my mother for more than 5 minutes at a time without reacting like a brat… Baby steps!

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