The past week or so has been a pretty intense exercise in wrapping up works-in-progress.  As an unemployed, stay-at-home college grad, I’ve gotten all too comfortable with my life in a state of quiet inadequacy.  “Comfortable” isn’t really the word.  I’m restless. And I’m trying to fix it.

  • I’ve sent enquiry emails on jobs I’ve applied for.
  • I’m haphazardly attempting to compile a polished portfolio of flash fiction for SmokeLong Quarterly‘s Kathy Fish Fellowship, whose application is due this Friday.  To my fellow flashers (no, that’s terrible) flash fiction writers: consider applying for this amazing opportunity here!  It’s a great chance for new writers to get published (and paid) in a tremendously prestigious way.
  • I’ve submitted a few of my short pieces to a handful of lit mags hoping one of them will find a home in print.  I’ll keep you posted when I get news on that!

A response to The Daily Post’s prompt, “unfinished.”
I think you can tell by the sheer volume of responses to this particular prompt that incompleteness is a theme that resonates with many of us here on WordPress.  A writer’s work is never done.  Best case scenario is that someone publishes your work so you can stop thinking about it.  (Fingers crossed!)

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Midwest writer hailing from the Mitten State. Not nearly as clever as I pretend to be.

4 thoughts on “9/27/16

  1. Good luck with both your Fellowship application and magazine submissions! It’s funny how sometimes we get that stagnating feeling, even when we’re probably not really stagnating as much as we might think. Sounds like you’ve been busy churning out some writing anyway! 🙂


  2. Keep at it! I struggled pretty hard finding work out of grad school – but it’s like a snowball effect – once you get that first break it gets easier and easier. Don’t stop writing and do what you love!


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